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Canadian Conference room

Lower Level

Canadian Western Bank Building

10303 - Jasper Ave,

Edmonton, Alberta

Thrusday Feb 19, 2015

Doors: 5pm

Pizza and main presentation at 6pm.


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Next Meeting: Thu, Mar 21 2013

EDMPASS March 2013 Virtual Meeting

Language: English
Event Type: Online
Online Meeting URL: https://focuscorporation.webex.com/focuscorporation/j.php?ED=197903697&UID=0&PW=NZjQ2ZDRkYzg5&RT=MiM0

Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2012: Flipping the DW /faster bit


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Featured Presentation

Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2012: Flipping the DW /faster bit

Speaker: Jimmy May, Principal Architect Microsoft

Summary: Columnstore indexes leverage SQL Server xVelocity technologies & is a wholly new architecture optimized for data warehouse workloads. Transparent to the app, columnstore has been shown to render queries at subsecond response times which heretofore took many minutes or longer. This presentation includes an overview of SQL Server 2012 columnstore indexes, including columnstore futures, review of the architecture, as well as the challenges, workarounds, travails, & big wins at customer sites & inside MSIT. Learn whether columnstore can change your users' world & why columnstore may be a compelling reason to upgrade to SQL Server 2012. Learn why columnstore manifests my motto, “Change the world or go home!”

About Jimmy: Jimmy May is a Principal Architect in Microsoft IT. He is formerly a Senior Program Manager for the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (SQL CAT) where he managed the Customer Lab which hosts the biggest, fastest, & most interesting SQL Server apps from all over the world. His last day job was Senior Database Architect for one of the world’s largest SQL Server high-throughput OLTP DBs. He was a founder & on the executive committees of multiple user groups.